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Bubble Room Fresheners

We are so happy to share our Bubble Room Fresheners! These are made of colorful water beads, (which Noodle called bubbles and now it's stuck!), with your favorite PinkHoney Candle Scents! The water beads act as scent regulators AND they look so adorbs!

How to use it: Simply open your jar and remove the protective white covering and voila, you have your favorite PinkHoney Candle scent in your office, room or anywhere! If you feel like the scent is not coming out strong, simply swirl the bubbles around! 

Important: These bubbles can be re-hydrated and reused and so is the jar that comes with it. However, if you are going to dispose of the bubbles, please make sure you throw them in the trash instead of your sink - or anywhere plumbing is involved. Lastly, please make sure to keep these out of reach of children and furbabies since these are potential chocking hazard.

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