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Wizard's Love Potion #8

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We are donating 50% of our profit from this candle to Paw Promise Animal Rescue for the whole month of March!

Hello! I am Wizard, a Sharpei mix currently looking for the love of my life! I fall madly in love with strong independent women. I love to work but my passion in life is cuddling with YOU. I am high energy, do well with most dogs, but not kitties.

 If you are interested in being my forever, please reach out to my people at @pawpromiseanimalrescueorg on Facebook!


About this candle - This candle is the ultimate blend of fruity and floral. This candle is very complex and has an amazing layering of scents that is just truly exciting! First layer you're hit with apples, peaches and ripe grapefruit. Now slowly but surely cherry blossoms and hydrangea make themselves known and the final complexity comes from a hint of vanilla to round out some sweetness.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including orange and grapefruit.


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