We are back! Please bear with us while we update our website. Thank you for your continued support!

About Us

On June 27, 2014 the second to last and furry member of our family was born, although we did not know it yet. About 6 weeks after, my family and I got to meet her and another puppy to see which puppy will fit our family, and let me just say that she picked us. She was all over my oldest son, playing and kissing and we instantly fell in love with her.


Honey and the family

On August 22, 2014, we finally got to take her home. We decided to call her Honey, because of her coat and how sweet she is.

 Honey is home

You see, I have never owned my own pup (she will always be a pup in my mind!) until Honey, and I did not realize how much happiness and fulfillment they can bring to someone’s life. How can you be miserable when you have a pup jump, shake her booty and lick at you after a long day?!

Ninjas and Honey

Since having Honey, we have been thinking of ways on how we can help more pets out there. In the last couple of months, my family and I have fostered two puppies (Shadow and Phoebe) for Paw Promise Animal Rescue but we felt that we can do more.




That’s why PinkHoney Candle LLC was established on February 26,2017.

We have been making and perfecting ;) our candles for a year or so now as a hobby and then it clicked - why not sell the candles we make and get our reputable rescues some financial help? We know how expensive it is to own a dog, what more to rescue a few dogs and cats at one time?

So Honey, the hubs and I say thank you. Thank you for supporting our company and our animal rescues!



UPDATE: Oh, by the way, we have also since added to our family! We got Cole on April 27, 2017 as a foster for Paw Promise Animal Rescue.


But we failed :) and officially adopted Cole on June 3, 2017.

Cole 2

With that said, Honey, Cole, the hubs and I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!