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PinkHoney Candle's Recycle and Reuse Program

Would you like to guess what these jars were in their previous lives? We've turned these jars from unwanted to fabulous Rose and Lavender Chamomile Vegan candles!

We weren't kidding when we announced back in July that we made a decision as a company to be more eco-friendly and to lessen our carbon footprint. Immediately, we started with changing our Paw Wax Melt packaging from regular plastic to compostable plastic! Did you know that the packaging we use for our Wax Barks is fully compostable too?

Today, we want to announce PinkHoney Candle's Recycle and Reuse Program. Do you have candle jars or other jars that you no longer use or want? Why not drop them off and have us recycle or reuse them and make new amazing candles with them?

Here's how it works:

  • Drop off cleaned jars at any of our drop off locations. As of this time, you can drop them off at our booth at the Pinnacle Peak Farmers Market every Saturday. If you are a local business and would like to be a drop off location and  help us collect jars, please contact me at pinkhoneycandle@gmail.com or message me through our social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook @pinkhoneycandle). 
  • For every 12 clean jars that you drop off that can be reused for candles (unfortunately, we won't be able to use certain jars depending on the thickness, height and circumference of the jar), we will give you a free 12 oz PinkHoney candle jar!
  • The recycled jar will be filled with a "dealer's choice" of candle and wick. Once the jars have been filled, the candles will be available for sale - through the Farmer's Market or online. Please note that each candle will most likely be different from each other.
  • Optional: When you drop off your clean reusable jars, we will have stickers onsite where you can sign off your name. Once the jar you have dropped off has been filled with awesome PinkHoney candle, we will place your signed off sticker on the jar.

How easy is that? We hope you can help us with our new program and we promise you, it will be a blast! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!