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Rose Gold with Wood Wick Candles

Rose Gold with Wood Wick Candles

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These candles are your ultimate good vibe setter!

Rose Gold Glass Jar - I love love rose gold. There's something about rose gold that automatically makes me smile. Now, let's talk about this jar. All I can say is wow - not exaggerating!

This jar is not fully coated with rose gold, rather it is spackled. With that said, when this candle is lit, the light from the fire comes through all these spackled spots more intensely than the ones from the coated areas. I know I am not doing justice explaining it and it's really more for you to experience it!

Wood Wick - It is definitely about that crackle and gentle flame. I personally love listening to this candle, it just gives you that sense of peace and calmness.

Scents - Oh boy where to start?!

  • Mint Mojito -A refreshing and invigorating scent - and definitely drink! This scent has undertones of lime, pineapple, rum and freshly muddled mint, just like the real deal. 
  • Watermelon Champagne - Nothing says more fresh to me than a mouthwatering and perfectly sweet watermelon! Add in some champagne infused with pear, now THAT's definitely a treat! 
  • Peach Bellini - There are days when you just want a sweet and juicy peach bellini  with your morning brunch (or any time of day - we don't judge!). This is definitely that candle that will lighten up any room!

Note: This candle burns 40 - 45 hours. The jars are 3" tall and 3" wide. We did not add any label or sticker to this candle to give you the maximum effect of the lighting process!